Family Photography

nyc family photos in central park by nyc photographer daisy beatty

Family Photography

There’s nothing like a family portrait. Family photo shoots preserve fleeting moments and showcase your family dynamic. My family photography is dynamic, vibrant, elegant and filled with humor. The photos will bring you joy the moment you first see them, and the memories will become more precious each year.

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a family in a lavendar field at sunset by daisy beatty photography

What to Expect

Family photo shoots are so much fun.

Family sessions typically last about 45 minutes to a little over an hour.

I schedule plenty of time so that the shoot is relaxed, with ample time for snacks, breaks, outfit changes, etc.

This is particularly important for families with young children.

We can do a mix of posed family portraits, and candid, natural images. We’ll also do a mix of configurations of family members: everyone together; just the children; just the parents; mom and the kids, etc.

You’ll have plenty of images to display on your wall, share with friends, and post on social media.

You are welcome to bring a change of clothes as well, so you have more than one look.

portrait of a mother and baby in the water in east hampton by nyc family photographer daisy beatty

family photography in manhattan by greenwich ct family photographer daisy beatty

Why Take Family Portraits?

Family shoots are so much fun.

We have a great time at our family shoots – I promise they won’t feel like a chore!

They are a great activity to do in your hometown of NYC, or if you’re just visiting as a tourist and want to remember your trip.

Or if you’re a local in the Hamptons, or if going out there is a treasured part of your summer.

I LOVE capturing families growing throughout the years.

It’s so poignant and moving to look back on your images and see how your family has grown.

I recently made this video slideshow for a client and friend I’ve been photographing for years.

I think it encapsulates why I do this!

Feel free to check it out, below:

Locations – Family Photography NYC, Hamptons, and Beyond

Family photography NYC and the Hamptons is what I do most.

However, I work frequently in Greenwich CT, Hoboken NJ, Westchester NY, and Boston MA.

For NYC family photo shoots, we can do the session in Central Park, downtown, at your apartment, wherever you’d like. In the Hamptons I work primarily in East Hampton and Amagansett, but am happy to travel.

I love custom shoots so contact me with your ideas and we can pick the perfect spot.

family at sunset in amagansett by hamptons family photography daisy beatty

portraits of a mother and her daughter in east hampton village by daisy beatty photography

 Best Time For a Family Photo Shoot

For outdoor shoots, I like to do golden hour: the hour before sunset. The light is gorgeous, and makes for beautiful images. Of course, this doesn’t always work with everyone’s schedules, so we can adapt as needed.

With small children, the “best time” often fluctuates – often it is right after nap time. We can plan this together!

Outdoor family shoots can be done year round. Of course, the weather is most agreeable April through November, but with a little planning we can work outdoors all year round. Check out my cold weather photography tips if you are interested in doing a winter shoot.

If you’re interested in doing your shoot in Central Park, you can check out my Central Park foliage guide to pick the time of year you like best. As you’ll see, you can’t really go wrong.

In the Hamptons and Greenwich CT, I do a lot of beach shoots. Those are best at sunset (or sunrise!), when the sunlight is flattering and the skies are dramatic. Midday sun is typically quite harsh.

If you are doing your shoot for holiday card photos, I recommend doing it by mid November at the latest so you have plenty of time to order your cards and mail them out. No one enjoys Holiday Card Panic!

For holiday cards, many people like having one dazzling image of the whole family, combined with a few portraits of individual family members, or smaller groups. If you’d prefer a different configuration, we can of course do that instead.

family photo with nyc skyline in the background by manhattan photographer daisy beatty

a sunset beach portrait of a mother and son by hamptons photographer daisy beatty

family photography at sunset at atlantic ave beach in amagansett east hampton ny by daisy beatty

family portrait in central park by daisy beatty photography

Visiting NYC From Out of Town?

Are you looking for an NYC Vacation Photographer? I’m happy to help you plan a great shoot featuring iconic NYC backdrops, to capture your time in the big apple.

You can give me a sense of what you are looking for, and I’ll suggest some locations and show you some shoots I’ve done there.

No knowledge of NYC required! I’ll handle the planning.

central park family photography by manhattan photographer daisy beatty

professional studio portrait of sisters in nyc by daisy beatty photography

How To Prepare For a Family Photo Shoot

A little preparation goes a long way! I’m here to help, so you feel confident and excited going into your shoot.

For some easy advice on how to prepare for a family photo shoot, please check out my 15 Family Photo Session Tips. These tips are pretty simple but can help things go smoothly.

Remember: a family photo shoot is just an excuse to spend time together as a family and have some fun!

I have lots of experience with posing, retouching, and working with children. Family photography is an art unto itself, and it’s one I absolutely love.

If you have any other questions, I’m happy to chat. So please let me know!

family portrait in central park by nyc family photographer daisy beatty

About Daisy

Daisy Beatty is New York family photographer based in Manhattan and East Hampton. She specializes in vibrant portraits of families, children, newborns, and maternity, and dancers, as well as winning head shots for models, actors, performers, executives and online dating.

A large portion of her work is family photography NYC and she is proud to work as a new york family photographer serving Westchester, Hoboken, Greenwich, Boston, and surrounding areas.

For more information or to book a shoot, please get in touch or visit her website.