NYC Natural Light Newborn Portraits: thirteen days old

It’s always fun to photograph a baby, but photographing a newborn as young as this handsome little fellow is really an honor: often it’s the first time the newborn has been photographed by anything other than a smartphone. It’s one of the first times images of the baby are presented to friends and family, and may even be the first time the parents themselves see their child properly photographed. Taking the photos is so exciting, and a responsibility I adore.

I was very happy to be able to photograph this sweet family. I went to their apartment and shot the photos using window light for the most part,  occasionally supplementing it with some studio lights I brought to the shoot. Fortunately, it was a bright afternoon, and their apartment got great light, but I find it’s always good to be prepared with studio lighting in case it’s dark or shadowy. Baby P’s nursery was a good place for many of the photos: it was sunny and bright and his parents had done a terrific job decorating it. I loved the baby animal photos on the walls, they were stylish and sweet and just a bit cheeky. It was abundantly obvious how much Baby P’s parents loved him and loved each other, and I wanted the photos to capture the warmth I immediately felt in their apartment.

Even though Baby P wasn’t even two weeks old, he was strong as could be; towards the end of our shoot he snatched his bottle from his doting father and held it unassisted. We couldn’t believe it! Newborn babies aren’t exactly known for their strength and coordination, but sweet Baby P  already seems to have quite a bit of both. Check it out in the final pictures, we were all laughing our heads off.


storyboard002Daisy Beatty Photography NYC Natural Light Newborn PortraitsDaisy Beatty Photography Natural Light Newborn PortraitsDaisy Beatty Photography NYC Newborn Portraitsstoryboard003

storyboard004Daisy Beatty Photography NYC Natural Light Newborn Portraits




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