New York Ballet Photographer – Dancer in Washington Sq.

ballerina dancing in washington square park by New York ballet photographer daisy beatty

There is so much talent in NYC! I am really enjoying my NYC ballet photography project, and so amazed by all the dancers I’ve worked with. I didn’t anticipate I’d be, in part, a New York ballet photographer, but with a dancer mother and a love of photography perhaps it was inevitable. I’m thrilled with how it’s going!

portrait of a ballet dancer in downtown manhattan by daisy beatty photography

Sasha making it look effortless, in Greenwich Village Manhattan. I am so impressed with her dedication and grace. She is amazing!

I said in another post that I should include photos of me attempting to do the same thing as these lovely dancers. I’m giggling at the thought!

(But will spare us both the indignity of those pictures.)

new york ballet photography in washington square park manhattan

I love the mix of trees and city, and the beautiful slippers on the filthy street. I love working in Downtown Manhattan, and as an NYC dance photographers I love working all over the city and surrounding area.

It’s getting cold out these days, I hope that I can do some studio dance work, and maybe some outside in the snow.

I had a great time working with Sasha on this early AM shoot.

Once we were done I headed to Massachusetts for some other shoots, including a ballet shoot I had scheduled for that evening with a girl named Hailey. I met Hailey and her mother outside in the rain in Massachusetts, and Hailey said, “I just found out you photographed Sasha, this morning. She is my best friend in the entire world!”

Ha! Crazy. Both girls were such a pleasure to work with, and none of us could believe the bizarre coincidence.

UPDATE: you can check out photos from Hailey’s ballet shoot here.

Maybe some day we can do a shoot of them both together!

ballet portraits in greenwich village manhattan by daisy beatty photography

a dancer in manhattan by ballet photographer nyc daisy beatty

ballet dancer in tribecca manhattan by daisy beatty photography

Want ballet portraits of your own? I’d LOVE to work with you!

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Daisy Beatty is a portrait photographer in NYC and the Hamptons. She specializes in elegant portraits of dancers, children, families, newborns, and pregnancy. For more information, use the form above, or visit her website.


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