Morris County NJ children’s photographer: portraits of twins

fine art children's portraits in NYC by daisy beattyblack and white fine art child portraits in NYC

Last week I hightailed it down to NJ to take photos of toddler twins in Morris County. These two are growing so fast, and are such gentle little people; it’s such fun to see who they are becoming. Their gorgeous mother never fails to impress me with everything that she does for them!

My little subjects had just turned two, and it was amazing to be conversing with little people who a few months ago were so much smaller. At one point, I asked Poppy to come closer to the camera and she told me warm but firm tone, “one second!” I’m photographing their sister’s bat mitzvah in the fall. I can’t wait to see how big they’ll be by then!

elegant child portraits in morris county NJ

fine art family portraits in NYC

fine art family portraits with toddlers in nyc by daisy beattyfine art child portraits in NYC

outdoor family portraits in NYC

fine art black and white portraits of children in nycblack and white child portraits in NYCDaisy Beatty Photography NJ child photographer

Photographing twins is certainly a challenge (I can just hear twins’ parents saying “well try raising them!” in response to that) and the challenges differ at each age. While I can only imagine the happy exhaustion that comes with having newborn twins of one’s own, when you photograph them you can basically guarantee that you’ll be able to get the both in the frame, and have a very good chance of getting the photo you planned.

With toddlers, however, there is no such assurance. I always try to get children looking happy and relaxed in portraits, but a happy toddler is generally a busy toddler and a pair of busy toddlers is not exactly the world’s most easily corralled subject.

The key is to find an activity they can engage in together, preferably one where wandering away is not an option. When these two visited their playhouse, they were goofing off together, and photos of the two of them happened naturally. Our photo session allowed me to get a good balance of individual portraits and photos of them together, both of which are essential when photographing siblings.

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