Introducing Organic Bloom Frames

       organic bloom frames nyc from daisy beatty

I’m so excited about all the new products I offer this year. I’ve been working with some of the best labs, craftsmen, and vendors to create an array of marvelous new offerings.

I want my clients to have a lots of framingoptions, so that we can display their images in a way they love. As you know, I offer digital mock ups of your images on your  your wall, at various sizes and configurations, so we can design the perfect look. 

A very popular collection of whimsical frames from Organic Bloom caught my eye awhile ago, and I’m very pleased to have partnered with them. With 16 styles of frame offered in 53 colors, there’s really no shortage of possibilities.

organic bloom frames in nyc from daisy beatty

Organic Bloom does not sell the frames directly to consumers, instead, they are only available through photographers who sell them as part of a photo shoot.

I am very pleased to have been selected as an approved vendor, so I can sell them to ANYONE, even if they aren’t my photography client.

I’m getting my samples and swatches in now, but here are some photos from their website.

I think they will make nice gifts. Perhaps for a baby shower?

baby shower gift idea frames for nursery from daisy beatty

I like the soft color palette above, but a classic black is also striking:

dark frames

Here’s a mock up I did, using the frames:

organic bloom frames in a living room example

And you can mix them with traditional frames, for a varied but cohesive look:


And they are available with a chalkboard inside, which offers plenty of room to get creative:

organic bloom chalkboard2

I’m delighted to add these frames to my list offerings!

Want a frame? Get in touch!

I look forward to hearing from you.


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