Headshot Photography NYC – Portraits of Keeike & Aiden J Garcia


Headshot Photography NYC

Here’s dear little Keeike, a lovely gal I recently had the pleasure of photographing in Manhattan.

It was a whirlwind headshot photography session, with a visit from a great friend at the end.

We had a terrific time.

children’s headshots examples by daisy beatty photography

affordable headshot photography by daisy beatty of keeike

I like to keep it simple for kids headshots: let the child be the focus of the image.

I love how the dark sweater and dark background make the subject pop in photos.

If you’re wondering what to bring to a shoot, you can check out my tips on how to prepare for a child headshot shoot at the the end of this blog post.

I’ll also send you a What To Wear Guide before your shoot, for advice and inspiration.

For Keeike’s headshots, we captured a range of emotions, to show various sides of her personality.

These headshots, in turn, are perfect for submitting to agencies and casting directors.

keeike in manhattan by nyc headshot photographer daisy beatty


Keeike is six years old, and speaks French and English. She did such a great job at our shoot. She is polite and full of laughs – we had a great time! It was lovely working with such an intelligent and kind little girl.

Not all kids (or adults, for that matter) are immediately relaxed in front of the camera – I get it!

A big part of my job, along with the technical know-how and creative vision, is putting my subjects at ease.

It’s fun meeting new people and developing a rapport.

keeike by kids headshot photographer daisy beatty

I love the intensity here.


Getting Your Child Started in the Entertainment Industry

People often ask me for advice about getting their kids into the entertainment industry.

This is obviously a big topic, but an initial consideration is simply: does your child enjoy it?

As with any other extracurricular activity, you have to examine honestly your child’s interest level.

Casting directors don’t cast kids who are being pushed into the business by their parents.

You also have to evaluate your own ability to commit to the process: castings and auditions are time consuming. Are you available (often last minute) to take your child to a go-see or audition?

You need to be realistic about how much time your family can commit to making it in entertainment.

If you’re interested in signing up for my Kid’s Entertainment Newsletter, you can do so here.

The Newsletter features industry news, tips, and specials, and a link to my Guide on What to Wear to Child Headshots.

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I hope you’ll say hello!

kids headshots in manhattan of keeike

But, let’s get back to the shoot….

A quick outfit change for a new look.

I love the simplicity of the black sweater, but the blue shirt is a cheerful addition to the shoot.

headshot photography nyc best headshots for kids by daisy beatty photography

new york city headshots of keeike by daisy beatty photography

Child Portraits NYC

Working with children is so much fun.

I do a lot of corporate headshots which are great fun too, but of course lack most of the goofiness of working with children.

Children have always been my favorite photography subject: I photographed my sister and her friends as we were all growing up, and I just never stopped.

Towards the end of my time with Keeike, our friend Aiden joined us.

It was so good to see him!

You might remember Aiden from our headshot photography nyc shoots here and here.

It has been so fun photographing him over the years. What a sweet and talented boy.

These two got along like a house on fire, and bonded over a mutual love of fidget spinners.

It was lovely watching them become friends.

It was Aiden’s mom who referred me to Keeike’s mom. I’m so glad she did! A big thank you to Aiden’s mother.

It’s been great meeting so many kids in the entertainment industry.

I like how Aiden and Keeike are coordinating in blue, above.

Next we went outside. I love mixing studio and outdoor portraits. Its also great that it’s finally warm enough for some summer clothing!

These two did such a great job! It was great to work with them both.

Want headshots of your own?

Contact me here for more information, and to book your NYC headshot photography shoot.

I can’t wait to work with you!

About Daisy Beatty Photography

Daisy Beatty is a portrait photographer based in downtown Manhattan NYC and East Hampton, NY. She specializes in vibrant portraits of families, children, maternity, and newborns; and winning headshots for actors, artists, executives, and online daters. Her work has been featured on photography websites, and in numerous print and online publications.

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