Forced family fun – Hamptons family photography

Beryl Crofton-Atkins and Arabella Beatty in the Hamptons in the winter photographed by Daisy Beatty

I had a quick visit with some dear family friends this weekend. Their daughter Beryl is one of my sister Arabella’s oldest friends, so we’ve known them for a long time.Their annual visit to East Hampton is one of my favorite traditions, it was wonderful to be together again! The weather was icy and beautiful, so we decided to indulge in some Hamptons family photography.

hamptons family photography by daisy beatty of beryl crofton-atkins and arabella beatty hill

black and white portrait of two girls in black lipstick by daisy beatty photography

Arabella and Beryl have been good friends since first grade, so they’ve been smirking into my camera for decades.

One of these days I’ll put together of old photos of these two together. (It’s no secret I love looking at family photos over time.)

Beryl Crofton Atkins in the winter in the hamptons photographed by Daisy Beatty

couple on the beach in east hampton

hamptons family beach photos photographer

hamptons family photographer daisy beatty

Beryl Crofton-Atkins photographed by hamptons family photographer daisy beatty

girl standing on iceberg in east hampton

east hampton beach photo in gardener's bay

Note that when Arabella landed this jump she smashed through this piece of ice and tumbled into the ocean. That ended the walk pretty abruptly.

Good pic though.

A couple of people have asked me about the boots we wear for our winter beach walks. They are lacrosse, and I highly recommend them.

east hampton village photographer daisy beatty

My beautiful mother in East Hampton village.

hamptons photographer daisy beatty

I recently posted that photography is my go-to activity during time with my family. Here’s another post of Hamptons portraits from Black Friday.

east hampton family photographer

east hampton family photographer

hamptons photographer daisy beatty

I’m excited to do more family photography this spring/summer in the Hamptons and Martha’s Vineyard.

If you want photos of your own, do get in touch! Here’s what my recent clients have been saying, click here.


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