Hamptons Family Photos – 3 month old Baby George

portrait of a mother and baby in the water in east hampton by nyc family photographer daisy beatty

This shoot was such a blast. Thank you to Amanda and three month old baby George for a wonderful sunrise session. I love shooting Hamptons family photos, and you don’t get much beachier than actually being in the ocean.

It was so sweet seeing George cuddle with his mother, and watching his curiosity with the water. This handsome fellow is certainly a beach baby. He and his doting mother have such a lovely bond, it was super to be able to capture it on camera.

It wasn’t a particularly warm morning. We were in and out of the water twice, and the whole shoot took less than 15 minutes.

Maybe I will offer these mother/baby shoots as Hamptons mini-shoots next summer?

(How terrible to be thinking in terms of NEXT summer! Fall is here, I suppose.)

I’ll be doing more shoots in the Hamptons in the coming months, but spending most of my time working in and around NYC.

portrait of a mother and baby at the beach in the hamptons by daisy beatty

portrait of a mother and son in the water in westchester ny by daisy beatty photography


vibrant color portrait of a mother in a pink TAOPAN dress with her three month old baby in east hampton

We were laughing nonstop, as Amanda played with George and I clumsily waded around in the water with my camera.

These two were so much fun. Three months is such a great age for a shoot: your baby is no longer a newborn, and is becoming a curious, smiley little baby.

It’s a very special age.

vibrant photo of a mother and son at the beach by westchester family photographer daisy beatty

westchester ny family portrait by daisy beatty photography

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I also work regularly in Greenwich CT, Westchester, Hoboken etc. So don’t be shy! I’d love to work with you.

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Daisy Beatty is a portrait photographer specializing in vibrant, stylish portraits. A native of Belmont MA, she is now based in Manhattan and East Hampton, NY. She works regularly in NY, NJ, and New England. She photographs families, children, newborns, and pregnancy, as well as headshots for performers and executives.

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