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In this digital age, it seems that most of my clients want a disc of hi-res images. This makes quite a bit of sense: you can share your photos on Facebook, email them to your family, and order prints.

However, I know that the process of selecting, printing, and framing images is quite daunting and, let’s face it, boring. To do it right takes time and experience, and even the best intentioned clients often don’t get around to doing anything with their disc of images.

When people book a photo shoot, I believe they do it for the joy of creating beautiful images to enliven their home with sophisticated and personal artwork.

I DON’T believe that clients think “gosh, I’d love to have a disc of gorgeous images of my family, and then subject that disc to a sensory deprivation experiment wherein I leave the disc in a desk drawer and never let it see the light of day.”

However, in my experience this is often what ends up happening, and I completely understand why people don’t get around to wading through the images and deciding what to do with them.

I want your photos to add joy to your home, bring you happiness and pride, and to be part of your family’s day to day life. Below are a few thoughts and my solution.


Selecting the sizes, frames, and images is a big undertaking. A lot of clients feel overwhelmed and stuck, and I don’t blame them.

My solution to all this is to offer clients fully finished pieces of art: beautiful images printed at my professional lab, framed and ready to hang.

You had a great photoshoot, now get the prints you love!


I customize your wall using my design software

I have special design software so I can use photos of your own home so you can  “test drive” the images before we order them. You can choose from lots of different printing and framing styles, and experiment and see what appeals to you most.

I then have photographs printed and framed to look just like what you see in the mock up, and shipped straight to you.

We can try different sizes and combinations, so you can get the look and feel you are going for.

Here are a few example ideas, created for this post using a photographs from a family shoot in central park:

A 20 x 24 print, beside a 16 x 20 print, both matted and framed.

These frames have a traditional, timeless feel.

creating photo galleries - how to

A 20 x 24 inch print with a 12×18 inch print on either side. The images are unmatted, and presented in coordinated frames with a chic, whimsical vibe.

A triptych of 16 x 20 inch prints, printed on canvas or lucite.

I love the contemporary feel to this frameless look. Lucite prints (which i’ll post more about later) make the images really pop.

It is so important to choose photographs big enough for the space. Appropriately large photos add a “wow factor” to your home.

Seeing the photos ahead of time helps you avoid the common mistake of hanging a print that is too small for the space:


Let me help you find the perfect way to display your photographs!



All prints are not created equal.

I want to make sure your photographs are printed in the highest quality available. A few times I’ve printed my personal photos at CVS or the like, but it’s always a mistake: the photos come back muddy and drab, and not nearly as good as when I order them from my professional print labs.

I always end up reordering them from my professional lab, and my consumer print lab experiments are a frustrating waste of time and money.

The cheap consumer lab prints also don’t even look like what you seen on your computer screen, so you never truly know what you’re going to end up with.

When I have a moment, I’ll post my own comparison of different consumer labs, but plenty of talented photographers have already done it, so here’s a quick example from P&W Photography:

photo print comparison

Source here

You can see that the baby’s skin tones are wildly different, and the images are either murky and dark, or too bright and lose detail.

Why have a photographer professionally edit and retouch your images if it’s all going to get blown to hell by a shoddy print job?

Don’t do it! Have your images printed at a lab for professional photographers.

Most of these labs will not sell prints to consumers, so you’ll have to work with a good photographer who can order them for you.


I’m very excited to offer my clients a custom experience, so they get exactly what they are looking for, with no headaches and false starts.

Have a question? Let me know. I’m here to help!



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