Hailey in Western Mass – Dance Photographer Manhattan

young dancer on pointe in a parking lot by dance photographer manhattan daisy beatty

Here’s ballerina Hailey dancing through the raindrops, for a ballet photo shoot.

I just love working with dancers.


We did this shoot in a parking lot in Western Massachusetts.

I had driven into Massachusetts that day from Manhattan, where I had done another ballet shoot early that morning in Greenwich Village.

Hailey and I said hello, and she told me that she had texted her best friend Sasha (also a dancer) in NYC, and told her that she was about to do a ballet photo shoot. Sasha laughed and said, “funny! I did a ballet shoot this morning!”

WELL! Hailey and Sasha were amused by the coincidence (what are the odds?) and texted about their respective dance shoots.

It turned out that best friend Sasha has been photographed by me that morning. You can see Sasha’s NYC ballet photo shoot here.

So, unbeknownst to the three of us, I had woken up early and done a shoot for Sasha in Manhattan, and then driven to Western Massachusetts and did a shoot for her very best friend Hailey that same day.


I love all the stories and experiences that photography brings into my life.

These are such great girls. I so admire their talent and hard work, and am so glad I got work with them.

Maybe we’ll do a shoot of them together some day.

ballerina portraits in manhattan

dancer on pointe in manattan nyc by daisy beatty


a dancer jumps through the rain in manhattan nyc by daisy beatty photography

portrait of a ballet dancer in a parking lot in worcester MA by daisy beatty photography

Thanks Hailey!

Want dance portraits of your own?

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I can’t wait to work with you.


Daisy Beatty is a portrait photographer based in NYC and East Hampton, NYC. She specializes in vibrant, stylish, portraits of dancers, families, children, maternity and newborns.

For more information please visit her website.


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