Custom photo apps & a MyPhotoApp referral code


I’m excited to let you know I now include a custom photo app with most portrait packages. The app works like any other on your mobile device: you install it on  your iphone/ipad/android device and it allows you to view your photos whenever you’d like. The app is easy to install (and delete!) and makes it even easier to share your photos with your friends and family and to view your photos while you’re on the go. So far they’ve been a lot of fun!

Said one recent app-recipient, “a streamlined way to look at photos of myself on my phone? What’s not to love?” Amen.

A quick note for photographers: I did quite a bit of research before deciding to make these apps. From what I could tell, the main choice seemed between MyPhotoApp versus Sticky Albums. I liked the demo app from Sticky Albums, but MyPhotoApp was impressive as well, so I chose MyPhotoApp mostly based on price. So far have been happy with my decision: it’s intuitive, inexpensive and has good customer service. I had a few questions initially and Jim Cook, the man who created the program, got back to me very quickly and couldn’t have been nicer.

I found out after I bought the program that when photographers first buy the program they’ll get two additional months free if they enter this MyPhotoApp referral code: daisybeattyphotography

Let me know if you have any questions!

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