Comp Card Catalogue

Comp Card Templates

Comp cards are the ultimate marketing tool for actors and models.

Oftentimes castings and agents ask you to leave a headshot behind.

If you do this, you can leave one image behind and staple some contact information to it, or you can leave a comp card which has the info included and features more than one image.

You get more bang for your buck (because you are leaving multiple images) and it’s more streamlined and professional since the info is all included.

It can be hard to decide what the one image is that you’re going to leave with an agent or casting, this is a way to show a few different looks, and make a great first  impression (which is generally the only impression you get to make at all!).

It’s an organized, professional way to get all the information out in one shot: your child’s best images, contact info, measurements, etc.

If you’re interested in our video personality reels, please click here.

Comp cards are double sided.

The image on the left is the front (with one image and child’s name).

The image on the right is the back (with multiple photos and contact info, etc)

Cards are printed on thick card stock, glossy on both sides.

They are 5.5″ x 8.5″ – the industry standard for comp cards.

Comp card rates:

Rates include a digital proof to be approved by you before printing.

25 cards – $165

50 cards – $195

100 cards – $255

150 cards – $315

Includes free shipping straight to you!

To get started on designing your comp card, please complete this questionnaire.

Thanks so much! We are excited to work with you.


z card for children in New York City by Daisy Beatty Photography

left: front

right: back

Barbara Anne

Dance comp cards for children by Daisy Beatty

left: front

right: back


left: front

right: back


Professional comp cards done in New York City by kid photographer Daisy Beatty

left: front

right: back

The A Twins

Twin models pose for their comp card by Daisy Beatty

left: front

right: back