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best headshots for kids nyc by daisy beatty photography

Here is some news that might shock you: this was Sofia’s first photo shoot eVER.

She really nailed it!

Here is some news that WON’T shock you: I loved every second!

Sofia had a great time too.

kid photography in manhattan by daisy beatty

Being an NYC kids headshot photographer is one of my favorite genres.

Sofia and her mom wanted Sofia to do a shoot and get some great portraits. Both as family memories, and to assist her as she dips her toe into the world of child modeling and acting. So the main goal was child head shot photography.

We had a wonderful time, and I was so impressed with how focused Sofia was. She is a great listener, and a lot of fun to work with.

child head shots in manhattan nyc by daisy beatty

One of my favorite aspects of being a NYC portrait photographer is connecting with a client, and showing different elements of their personality with a shoot. This is particularly important for head shots.

Sofia really showed off her range here. She got some child model head shots, commercial images, and just some fun portraits. It was a great test shoot, and yielded some images that I think will be very useful.

I know that a studio shoot can be a little intimidating or weird at first: big lights, a fair amount of equipment, and being photographed alone.

It’s not easy! This is especially true for children.

However, it’s valuable to get experience in front of the camera if you’re an aspiring actor, model, etc.

It takes practice!

But again, this is why establishing a connection with a client is so much fun: you see people warm up, express themselves, and have fun.

It’s also why it’s worth hiring a photographer who has experience working with children.

It’s very different photographing children than adults. I hate hearing stories of talented portrait photographers getting impatient because they aren’t used to working with younger subjects.

If you have any questions about child portrait photography or kids head shots, please let me know!

head shots for kids by new york photographer daisy beatty

Here’s a classic kid’s head shot for a commercial audition.

professional kids head shots new york city

And some moodier portraits.

NYC Kids Head Shots & best kids portraits by daisy beatty

I love the confidence, and innocence here.

child model headshots in manhattan nyc

It’s pretty remarkable: Sofia had never done a shoot, and left our head shot session with a whole portfolio worth of diverse images.

A great way to start a career in entertainment, or modeling; or just get some lovely portraits to print and hang around the house.

I always strive to make my portraits wall-worthy, even if they are head shots. Children grow up so fast, it’s wonderful to document them at every age.

Child portraits was my first photographic love, and it was from there that I got into shooting kids head shots.

NYC is filled with so many talented people, so I feel very lucky to be a Manhattan head shot photographer for kids or adults!

best kids head shots nyc by daisy beatty

I’ve said this before, but you don’t always have to look at the camera. A like a mix of moods, and expressions.

Sofia brought several different outfits so she could have a bunch of different looks for her portfolio. It’s great to mix things up a bit, and adds some longevity to your portfolio.

Before a shoot, I send clients a little “What to Wear” guide for inspiration.

You can also check out my tips on how to prepare for a headshot shoot here (towards the bottom of that post).

I want everyone to feel relaxed, welcome, and prepared going into a shoot!

The experience is a lot of fun.

The goal is, of course, to have lovely photos, but also to have a great time in the process.

childrens photo studio manhattan new york

And we went outside to get some editorial type images before the sun went down. We had to work quickly, but we got some great images.

I absolutely love that gorgeous dress. The shrug was a lovely way to keep warm too!

award winning child portrait photography in manhattan nyc by daisy beatty

Way to go Sofia!

I loved our shoot. Come back and see me again soon!

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Daisy Beatty is an NYC photographer specializing in vibrant, stylish portraits. She is based in Manhattan and East Hampton, NY. She works most frequently with families, children, newborns, and maternity. As well as eye catching head shots for adult and child models, actors, performers, etc.

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