Child Model Headshots NYC – Aiden J Garcia


DSC_7838_2webI’ve been doing lots of child model headshots recently, and really enjoying it. Another development is that I’ve been meeting lots of great clients through, Instagram, it’s been a fun way to meet people. If you’re gramming, say hi! I’m @daisybeatty.

I met this adorable little fellow, Aiden, on Instagram. Technically it was his sweet mother I met, but we exchanged messages and the rest is history. I adore those two!

headshots of aiden j garcia in crewcuts in nyc by daisy beatty photography

The many faces of Aiden.

We were screaming and laughing almost the whole time. He’s such a charismatic and funny guy.

headshot of child model aiden j garcia in nyc by daisy beatty photography



headshots of redhead child model aiden j garcia by daisy beatty photography




child model aiden j garcia pouting by daisy beatty photography


aiden j garcia laughs in central by daisy beatty photography


Aiden wears Crewcuts above, and Marin +  Morgan below. I love those suspenders and the bold pattern of his shirt.

headshot of child model aiden j garcia by daisy beatty photography





Check out this video of Aiden, it has 1.5 MILLION views on YouTube:

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