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I had a super time in Boston recently, doing six shoots in a day. I got to work with some slightly older children as well as a toddler, which was a really fun mix. For the older kids I did portraits with a slightly stylized, whimsical feel. And for Zoe, the toddler, I did more traditional photos of her and her grandparents.

UPDATE: to see Amanda a year later in NYC click here.

portrait of a girl by nyc photographer daisy beattyTo see Nikita’s full post (above) click here.

To see the full post of Caroline (below) click here.girl portrait by daisy beatty

In the week leading up to my Boston trip, I was incredibly nervous about the weather; thinking it would either be too cold, too windy, or too rainy to do any outdoor shoots.

The forecast called for snow, but on Friday I emailed all the families and said, let’s just go for it. The weather was almost like a miracle: it snowed softly in the morning, and got gradually warmer through the day. It was beautiful! I was so glad, and I think it made for some good photos.

You have to be somewhat active when photographing children, and at many points I was lying on my stomach in the snow as I photographed – I appreciated every bit of sunshine we received!

portrait of identical twins danny and sonny corbo by child photographer daisy beatty

The kids were all such fun to work with, and I think we got some lovely portraits. This post is a sneak preview of the rest.

I love the moment between Danny and Sonny, above. I’ve been photographing a lot of fraternal twins recently, and this was my first time working with identical twins. They were lots of fun! To see more of their shoot, click here.

elegant child photography in nyc

I brought those hydrangeas from nyc – they are totally incongruous with the surrounding snow, but a girl can dream, eh? To see more of Catherine’s shoot click here.

I did five outdoor shoots that day, and halfway through I popped around the corner to photograph dear little Zoe:


She was in great spirits, and a blast to work with. You can see her blog post here.

Boston, thank you for another wonderful visit!

I’ll be back in Boston doing some shoots on Saturday May 9 – the day before Mother’s Day! Book a shoot and give it (or request it!) as the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

I can’t wait to work with you.


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