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From time to time, people ask me to recommend my favorite restaurants in East Hampton. There are lots of great places to choose from, but I thought I’d do a quick post about the places I visit most frequently.

This has absolutely nothing to do with photography, but hopefully can be helpful to visitors.

This is by no means an exhaustive list!

These are in no particular order, and they are all great places to dine. I’d love to know any of your favorites as well.

I’m using photos from the restaurants’ websites: I didn’t take any of them as I was too busy pigging out.


Several of these restaurants serve lunch as well, but I mostly go for dinner. To keep things simple, I’m only mentioning restaurants in East Hampton Village.


8 Fresno Pl. East Hampton – 631-324-8700

The staff here is so sweet, and the food is delicious. That’s a pretty good start, in my book. The tartare pictured above is from Fresno.

The atmosphere is pretty lively, and the interior is stylish but unpretentious. It’s a super option.


I came here with my fiance for a late dinner right after we got engaged, and the staff made us feel so special. We were both really touched by their efforts, and we both ate a ton of good food. A friend of mine dines at Fresno all the time, he told me he went there right after his wedding, and the entire staff came and congratulated him and new husband.

I like that they are so warm and welcoming, without being pushy or cloying. It’s lovely.

They have a great steak, and delicious seafood. It’s a lovely option when you’re out east.

Race Lace

UPDATE: I am so sad to write this, but Race Lane closed on September 24, 2016.  I am really going to miss everyone there, and the lobster mac and cheese. A big loss for East Hampton!

31 Race Lane, East Hampton – 631-324-5022

Nick & Toni’s

136 N. Main Street, East Hampton – 631-324-3550 

Nick & Toni’s is the “sceniest” of the three restaurants. The seafood is delicious, and they also have super pizzas, pastas and salad.

Be warned: it can be pretty tricky to get a table here, so plan accordingly. (i.e. way, way, in advance.)


The food is amazing, and the restaurant always has a fun energy. It’s definitely worth a visit.



A weekend lunch in East Hampton is such a treat. I’m venturing a little further afield than just East Hampton Village in this list, but it’s worth the trek.

lobster roll

The Lobster Roll Restaurant

1980 Montauk Highway, Amagansett – 631-267-3740

The Lobster Roll restaurant on Montauk highway is delicious.

Kudos to them for snagging the domain name Quite a coup.

For years I mistakenly thought this restaurant was called “Lunch” because of the giant sign, but in fact it’s called The Lobster Roll Restaurant. Who knew?




You can sit indoors and outside here, so it’s a good option no matter the weather. Outdoors is definitely the way to go, when it’s an option.

They have an insanely large menu. I love the fried softshell crab sandwich, but you can’t really go wrong.

The Lobster Roll was also featured quite a bit on the Showtime show The Affair, which is semi-amusing.

The gigantic menu features of section listing all the major celebrities that have eaten there, which is kind of funny.

It’s part of a slew of great seafood places along Montauk Highway, that are almost always jammed. Parking is a headache but worth the effort.

Cyril’s was another really popular restaurant nearby, but it’s now closed due to all sorts of criminal charges. Oops.


Clam Bar

2025 Montauk Highway, Amagansett – 631-267-6348

Clam Bar is a little way down Montauk Highway from Lobster Roll, and also very good. Clam Bar is all outdoor seating.

It too is right on Montauk Highway so parking can be a bit hair-raising, but again totally worth it.


Clam Bar was where I first had a fried softshell crab sandwich and it was DELICIOUS! I used to always get the lobster roll but have converted. The fries are divine as well.

Clam Bar can get crowded, but the prices are reasonable and the food is really good.


La Fondita

74 Montauk Highway, Amagansett 631-267-8800

La Fondita, a tasty Mexican restaurant on Montauk Highway, provides a change of pace from all the local seafood joints.

You can take out, eat at the little counter inside, or, my favorite, eat at the picnic tables in the garden in the back. La Fondita is on Montauk Highway but this little garden in the back is quite quiet and private.


The guacamole is really good, as are the fish tacos, and nachos supreme. This is a super place to stop by after the beach.

Citta Nuova

29 Newtown Lane, East Hampton – 631-324-6300

Citta Nuova is a great lunch option right in the center of East Hampton village. It’s on Newtown Lane, and they have a patio in the front, so it’s a nice place to have some pizza or a sandwich and be a part of the local action. They have many delicious panini etc.

It’s a really convenient and tasty option when you’re milling around town and want to have a civilized lunch.


Citta Nuova also serves dinner, which I’m eager to try.


Take Out

Round Swamp Farm

184 Three Mile Harbor Rd, East Hampton – 631-324-4438

I wasn’t going to write about take out, but it didn’t seem right to list my favorite Hamptons eateries without mentioning Round Swamp Farm because it’s probably the place I go most.

They are closed during the off season, so you should make the most if it while you can.


This little market just outside East Hampton Village has some of the best pre-made salads and pastas I’ve ever had.

It’s a great way to be lazy and sophisticated at the same time. I like to have their dishes when I BBQ, or at the beach, or lying in bed, or poolside, whatever strikes my fancy.

Keep an eye out for “Lisa’s Brownie Bites” they are to die for, as are many of the cookies and desserts.

Really, you should just go.

And if you see me there with brownies all over my face, do say hello!

UPDATE: Stuart’s Seafood Market – the best lobster roll in East Hampton

41 Oak Lane, Amagansett 631-267-6700

I recently had a lobster roll from Stuart’s, and I think it was the best I’ve ever had in my life. I’m sorry I don’t have any photos.

The lobster roll was comprised solely of large chunks of lobster, none of the nonsense you often find in other lobster rolls: lettuce, celery, artificial crab, etc.

The lobster roll at Stuart’s was just pure lobster. Divine! You must try it.

You can’t stay and eat at Stuart’s, but it’s a fabulous resource for prepared seafoods, raw fish etc.

I recommend going and bringing home some lobster rolls for lunch and fresh fish to BBQ at home that night.



I hope this list is useful. If you have a place you think I should try, please send me a note.

Bon appetite!


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