Best Child Actor Audition Videos

Just for fun, here are some examples of some great child actor audition tapes. It’s great to see these young people excelling at their craft, and fun to see some familiar faces back when they were younger.

Henry Thomas auditioning for E.T

Probably the best audition tape I’ve ever seen. It’s so sweet, and he really nails it.

Selena Gomez – Disney Audition

Proof you can make it big even if you don’t know your own height. 

Casting Young Anakin Skywalker

A longer clip about how they cast the role of “Young Anakin Skywalker.” The casting director auditioned over 3,000 boys before giving the part to Jake Lloyd. Here you can watch a bit about the process, and see the three final boys acting some scenes from the movie. It’s interesting to watch the same scene read by three different young actors, and see what each brings to the role.

Rachel McAdams auditioning for The Notebook

A terrific audition. Not a child but definitely worth watching.

Scarlett Johansen auditioning for Jumanji

Scarlett, age 9, shows her confidence and poise. She lost the role to Kirsten Dunst.

Miley Cyrus auditioning for Hannah Montana

Anna Paquin’s Oscar Speech

And how sweet in little 11-year-old Anna Paquin giving her OSCAR SPEECH when she breathlessly accepted her 1993 award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role. A young actress at the top of her game!

Tips for Child Actors from a Top NYC Acting Coach

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